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I think I have problem

but it's nothing major. It's just I went an joined tumblr. So I have a public twitter, a public blog at wordpress, and now, a tumblr... yeah. (and a linked in profile but that' just literally sits there)  I also give out my facebook url for the hell of it (if you're not my friend you don't see much!

I also have this set on public and it posts to LJ which is supposed to be private/friends only but the DW dumps are public... so yeah I'm spreading myself a bit too thin I think

but there's this cool website I just found out about called about.me where you can link all your interwebs stuff from there. So I signed up for that.

Gone are the days were I use bookworm2007 .Now everything is walshcaitlin. So I wish I could have an gmail that is walshcaitlin
but if it's any consolation i have walshcaitlin11 at hotmail which i just got in oder to use onenote online :)

Life on the internet... literally!

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