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well this is significant

I think

So I am in Chicago trying to get back to boston after visiting mom's parents. But there's a Blizzard in Boston so Southwest canceled all it's flights. I mean the 7 am one got off but not the 720. Weird. and we were originally on the 11 and that got cancelled while we were en-route so we were put on the 525 via phone. the change was valid to show up at check in and thankfully they took our bags despite the 8 hour wait. (They have a 4 hour rule) 
Once that 4 hour window approaches (so ~115 or so) there's another call and our flight is canceled again. And the last flight is sold out so we are put on a 7 am flight tomorrow. (That last flight was also canceled later on) 

so the situation stands that we're spending the night in the airport. In my 22 years I've never been stranded. I've never had travel plans that coincided with a blizzard I guess. Closest thing was a flight over 15 years ago that was delayed and delayed due to a blizzard in Boston. It was a delta flight and the four of us needed to get to an Ohio city for an uncles wedding... the next day. I don't remember much but we did take off that night instead of that afternoon or something.

Part of the problem is that we're flying Southwest, and I believe that they just cancel flights instead of dealing with major weather delays and resulting backlog. There are other flights who did/ get out of O'Hare just delayed...

Thankgod I have my laptop :) 
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