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November means National Novel Writing Month.

Things are going pretty well this year, just like last year. I don't talk about the other years because I never even came close. Both last year and this year I worked with modified word goal. Instead of the 50,000 words, last year I set 25,000 and met it on the last day.
This year I set a 30,000 goal, meaning I need to write at least 1000 words a day. So far, I am behind, but I'm not that worried because I have plot outlined. Last year was more of a flying at the seat of my pants after a couple weeks, but it still worked out. This year I know what is going to happen (I think - NaNos have a wicked reputation for being unpredictable!)

But the bottom line, I am enjoying it. A Lot. Will post what I have so far probably later this weekend over at my "real" blog.

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