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30 Questions in 30 Days Day 6 (and 7)

Well it's 1202 so this is gonna be another double!

6) What color are your eyes? Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? Do you wear colored lenses that change your eye color? Would you rather have a different eye color?

The Eye Color question is difficult as I don't really know. I think they are brown. My mom has brown. But my dad has blue. I don't have blue eyes but I know my eyes are entirely brown either, as in they have flecks in them. And I wear glasses, only since 10th grade. (I'm a senior in college) I can only see my eye doctor once every two years so I'm on my 3rd pair. (almost 6 years) 

7) What's the first book you remember reading?

Doll Party, one of those step readers. I was in LOVE with dolls at the time so it seemed logical. :) I don't remember if it was a gift or I picked it out myself though. I do know when I got a little older mom would take me to the bookstore and buy be a book. For no apparent reason! I wasn't spoiled with toys, but with books! :D

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