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To be or not to be

Whether this nobler in the spirit to suffer the slings and arrows of an institution that claims I'm suffering from a burden 
Or to take my patronage (money) elsewhere 
And by leaving, oppose it?

Which goes deeper my Catholic-ness or my sexuality? I was talking with my Queer Religion professor and he and I seemed to agree that it's the religion that's deeper than your sexuality. I didn't tell him this but that got me thinking then if it affects the whole born with it/choice debate. If your sexual orientation is not at the deepest layer of your identity, then do you have any power over it? Is it a choice? Or just a choice to act on it or not?

I think I'm coming to terms with sitting in the pews and remaining Catholic for now. But that could change if O'Malley and gang decide to close St. Francis. St. Catherine's is finally on the market, but at the worst time. Seriously I'd be surprised if anyone wants to take on the project of turning that church into something sellable like condos. And given it's location... I have no idea what will happen to that building. 

St. Francis, on the other hand is in a prime spot right on top of the hill. If they were to sell it, provide the market's not still in the toilet, they'd probably get a hefty sum for it. If not for the Church itself, then the old covenant and rectory which are on either side. Maybe they'd let us sell off the parish center first before closing the parish. 

He's probably going to need to retire soon. His knee was so bad during Thanksgiving, he could barely genuflect and every time he went down the steps of the altar, he winced in pain. He has to be 80... 
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